Turn your salon ON

Launch your OWN online store in minutes! Stocked with the brands you sell in your salon. 

Our brand partners:

We are proud to partner with leading professional haircare brands who are paving the way in the digital & e-com space. 


Add the brands you sell in your salon to your online store. 

If you are a stockist of one or more of our partner brands shown below, select the brand/s in your application form that you would like to sell on your online store.

What you get with salonsONline:

Your OWN salons online store personalised with your salons own imagery.

Your online store comes pre loaded with $4000 worth of retail stock with no need to pre purchase!

We hold the stock in our warehouses around Australia & manage the direct shipping to your client .

24/7 client support for your clients. We manage all customer service and tracking enquiries for you so your clients are always looked after.

Real talk:





of your clients shop online instead of in your salon?

WHY: This is because they run out of product in-between salon visits.

of the year, your salon is closed?  



WHICH MEANS: your salon is only shoppable 27% of the year. 

is the amount lost per year per client. 


HOW: Because you lose your clients retail buying cycle to online retailers?

(based on a client that is on an 8 week hair roster,  who runs out of their products prior to next visit)

of your clients shopping from your online store can make your salon up to $3000 per month from online sales. 



(based on a customer database size of 1000 & average bill of $100)

Ready to turn your salon ON and go online?