Set Up 

& Connect 





All hair imagery on this page, created and supplied by one of our beautiful clients BIXIE COLOUR, Thank you BIXIE!

Follow the green arrow to success!

Go to Facebook & click shop in menu.

Click yes to T&Cs. 

Click "Check out on another website" 

Click "Australian Dollar" 

Click "Add Products" 

Add product details. 

Click your own stores link, go to the product you would like to add and cut and paste the FULL url.

Go to your instagram connected to that facebook, make sure you are on business settings, and click settings.

Click "Business"

Click "Shopping"

Click "Products for salon"

Prepare your post... 

Click "Tag Products" 

Select the area of hair that matches the products you are about to tag.

Select your product.

And done! .. add more to finish the look.

Create caption and post.

Tag your brand so they can share!

I've completed this page.