Friends are honest with each other



Hey, so I know we just met, but we have been thinking about you for a VERY long time. Don't let that weird you out, it doesn't need to be awkward...

OK though, let’s get serious. We are just at the start of a VERY big journey. 11 months ago we set out to solve a problem (if you want to read more about that click here for the WHY...

We have been obsessed over solving this problem, dreamt about it, laughed about it, cried about it,  lost a lot of sleep over it , trialed it, tested it, changed it, changed it again, played with it, trialed it and yes, you guessed it, changed it again, until we felt we had the foundation right.

Just like a haircut, we first and foremost focused on the foundation and purpose of the salonsONline platform. Get the simple things right first, then BUILD. 

This is a long term play, just like any salon and brand partnership we align with. 

We are not here for COVID quick fixes. 

We cannot do this with out your REAL feedback, both good and bad. 

We have provided a few questions below, if you feel (and there will be times) that we can improve, grow, add, takeaway... we want to hear from you. 

To give you some insight into one of our four pillars as a company, we believe in OPEN SOURCE SHARING & LEARNING... what is this ? Well simply put, grow from feedback both good and bad, not arrogance, 1000 minds is better than 12. 

We are setting out to share our inner deepest thoughts and dreams for salonsONline through our WHATS COMING  page, here, as a community you will see all the new features we are bringing to the salonsONline platform and VOTE on what you think needs to come next or even if it comes at all. You can even apply to be in the Beta testing group playing with new features before full release, THAT is open source sharing & learning.

Below we have created a BE HONEST form... if (and when) you feel we can improve across the vast areas we will be focusing on, please send us a message, give us a slap. 

Much love, success and (open sharing) and thank you for choosing salonsONline to partner with. 

The salonsONline team x