What's next for you, your clients & salonsONline​?

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It's a new world for salons,

is your salon turned ON?


Your salon's own e-com store.

Populate it with the brands you sell in salon. 

We manage your shipping to customers.

You make the same margin as selling in salon.

Bring retail BACK to your salon.

Now that's putting salons first.


Your salons own ONline professional retail

& voucher e-com store.

How it works

Step 1. 

Salon profile set up.


Set up your salons profile and create your bio in less than 60 seconds.

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Step 2. 

Select the brands you want to sell on your online store!




In light of unprecedented events affecting the hairdressing industry and the world at large, 

salonsONline is now partnering with

world-leading professional Haircare brands that are stepping forward to SUPPORT your salon with endless stock for your new online store with NO NEED TO PRE-PURCHASE so you can start selling right away!



Once approved as a stockist of one or more of the brands we are partnered with, you will be able to access stock for your online store, meaning you DO NOT have to pre-purchase stock for your store!

Step 3. 

Our team builds your store for you!


Once approved, our team takes care of building your store and adding the products you are selling. 


NOTE: During to COVID-19 at-home isolation we will be only focusing on care products i.e. Shampoo's Conditioners & Treatments.

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Step 4. 

Start selling!


We manage everything for you, by everything, we mean everything.

  • We set up your salon's online store for you. 

  • We load the products & brands you plan to sell in your store 

  • The brands supply all your products with no need to pre-purchase!

  • We hold your products in our warehouse.

  • We manage all the shipping of orders to your customers. 

  • You make the same margins as you do in salon. 

  • We create all your EDM, SMS and social media content for download.

  • We teach you how to make your store a true success with your clients and social followers. 

Your clients...

LOVE convenience.


It is SO important your customers love their experience on your new salonONline store, after your client has completed their first purchase, they will have instant re-order function on their dashboard. This ensures your clients stay shopping from your store.

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  • Your salons own online store. 

  • Sell the products & brands you sell in salon. 

  • All products are supplied with no need for PRE-PURCHASE. 

  • We manage shipping to your customers. 

  • We build all the marketing assets you will ever need for monthly downloads. 

  • We support you and help you make your online store a true success.

$169/pm + GST