Your salons own retail subscription online store for your clients.

Take control of your salons retail and offer the ultimate service to your clients.

Welcome to your salon's own retail subscription website.

Imagine, your client can simply come to your personal subscription site, select their favourite shampoo, conditioner & styling products you have helped her fall in love with, select how frequently she wants them delivered to her door, and just like magic, it's on her doorstep when she needs it!

How it works

for your clients.


While your client is in the salon, share the link to your subscription online store. 


There are 4 sections you will work through with your client, helping them select the right fit for them.

Section 1: Select their Shampoo 

Section 2: Select their conditioner 

Section 3: Select their treatment 

Section 4: Select their styling & finishing products. 

You can have up to 40 products on your subscription site. Select the shampoos, conditioners & treatments that are the MOST POPULAR in your salon.

Your client simply sets up their accounts and simply adds what she wants delivered every 6-8 weeks! Its that simple.


Help your client set up the right timing for their delivery. on We manage ALL your shipping for you!


We pick up your products from your salon each month, to ensure your stock is kept bring back to our warehouse and manage your shipping to customers!

Once per month, we organize a partnering courier company to pick up your products from your salon, anywhere in Australia.

We then manage all the picking, packaging and shipping of all orders to your customers.


Cancel anytime.

We set up your salon's own retail subscription website for your clients.

We load all your products to your store. 

We pick up your products from your salon.


We hold all your stock in our warehouse.


We manage all your shipping to your clients / subscribers.

Why turn your salons retail ON?

Take back control of your client base and give them a better choice finally, your clients have your online store to shop from in-between visits.

You have something the online retailers do not, trust, reach & support with your clients. 





Reason 1. 

Stop losing your clients to online retailers.

Reason 2. 

Join the SHOP-ABLE main page...

We have a shoppable Main Page where we share your work and connect your video content & products to your personal online store, you make 100% of the sale, OF COURSE!

Reason 3. 

Make your content shoppable.

Yes, all the amazing content you create & post just became shoppable,

"Shop this look, link in bio"

"Shop the look.

link in bio"

Join the community of salons going online. We manage...


So you can focus on what your clients experience. 






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