Turn your salon ON

Ready to turn your salon ON and bring retail back to your salon?


salonsONline have partnered with aligning, leading and global brands to enable your salon to launch an online store, stocked with the brands you sell in your salon. 


Our partnering brands are supporting your salon by supplying all your stock for your online store with no need to pre-purchase, salonsONline are managing all your shipping for you to your customers!

With the amazing support of our partnering brands, salonsONline is turning salons ON in 2020.


First month free! 

Paid for by your nominated brand. 

How it works. 

Step 1. 

Apply for your online store.

Each brand we have partnered with have a set criteria for one of their stockists to launch a salonsONline, online store. If you are a stockist of one or more of our partner brands, select the brand/s in your application form. 


Step 1.

Access your salon dashboard & personalise your store

Once approved by your nominated brand/s we will set up your dashboard and you can start personalising your store front with your salons imagery!

KM p .png

Step 2. 

Our team builds your store for you!


The salonsONline team build your online store and add the approved, pre-nominated brand/s products into your store! 


Your store will come fully built with 3 shop categories, Shampoo & Conditioners + Masks & Treatments + Styling ensuring all your clients favourites are covered. 

Step 3. 

Set up your online store STRIPE account.


A Stripe account is your new online store’s payment gateway. Stripe is the World's most secure and trusted online payment gateway. This ensures you receive instant payment after every sale. Once you set up your Stripe account, you simply add it to your dashboard.

This will allow your online store to take Credit card/Debit card payments and PayPal. 

In coming releases we will be adding Apple pay & Afterpay.


Step 4. 

Start selling!


salonsONline manage everything for you and by everything, we mean everything.

  • We set up your salon's online store for you. 

  • We load the pre-nominated brands & products for you to sell on your store. 

  • You DO NOT have to prepay for the products on your store! 

  • We hold your products in our warehouse.

  • We manage all shipping of orders to your customers. 

  • We handle all customer enquiries, shipping and general questions. 

  • We create all your EDM, SMS and social media content for you to download and use for marketing!

  • We teach you how to make your store a true success with your clients and social followers in the salonsONline Academy.

What you make! 

  • 40% margin less shipping costs.

  • 10% goes towards warehousing your products, picking & packing your orders and managing all your customer service for you. 

Your clients...

LOVE convenience.


It is SO important your customers love their experience on your new salonsONline store. After your client has completed their first purchase, they will have an instant re-order function on their dashboard. This ensures your clients stay shopping from your store.



Cancel anytime.

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support (2).png

We set up your store for you.

We load all your products to your store. 

You do not need to pre-pay for your products, our partnering brand/s are supplying these to support you on your online success!


We hold all your stock in our warehouse.


We manage all your shipping to your customers.

We manage all customer service on your behalf.

First month and set up Free.

We are currently rolling out hundreds of online stores across Australia. The next group of Online stores are available from 1st June 2020. Apply now below! 

For Approved salons, first month free, paid for by your nominated brand!

While you wait, check out the salonsONline Academy.



salonsONline Academy