Turn your salon ON

Congratulations on setting up your salons new ONline store and welcome to salonsONline. 


Below we have laid out the steps ahead in completing your online store set up. 

Your ONline store will be handed to you Monday the 4th of May!

Ready to turn your salon ON?

Step 1. 

Now that you have completed setting your salon up, the salonsONline team will complete the build of your online store. First loading the nominated products to your store then setting up your salons personal dashboard. 

Step 2. 

Now is a great time for you to click through and get your Stripe account set up so you are ready to accept payments on your online store!

Click through now and set up your stripe account. 

ON the 4th of May, the salonsONline team will be sending you your online store with access to your dashboard. Simply add your stripe account in your dashboard in the area provided and you are set to go.

Step 3. 

Our team will be handing you your store fully loaded with products ready for launch. Now it's time to personalise your store front. Simply log into your dashboard, and add your own images to the landing page shop categories!

Step 4. 


On the 1st of May we are launching the salonsONline Academy filled with strategies to launch, drive and succeed with your new online store. Keep a look out for the link!

The salonsONline team is with your all the way! If you ever need to reach our team with any questions, please don't hesitate. 

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