OZDARE on-boarding timeline and Roll out plan.

8 Steps to launch. 

26 day timeline.



Step 1. 

salonsONline creates

on-boarding page for OZDARE salon group. 

Step 2. 

OZDARE sends salonsONline 100 salon list


List showing salon name. 

Showing what brands are populated on each salon store.


31st March

29th March

Step 3. 

OZDARE team complete reach out to 100 targets.


OZDARE team share the news of the partnership with each nominated salon and directs each salon to www.salonsonline.co/ozdaresalons to learn more and complete store set up.  

6th April - 10th April 

Step 3. 

OZDARE sends salonsONline SKU spread for each brand. 


Supplied as follows: 

  • Brand name 

  • Product name 

  • Product RRP 

  • Product description 

  • Product ingredients 

  • Product directions 

  • QTY of this product arriving in first round

  • Image/s supplied

6th April - 10th April

Step 4. 

salonsONline team complete the upload of OZDARE SKUS to platform.


This ensures all SKUS are running off the same inventory depth. Future OZDARE salons can onboard at speed & ease and connect to all OZDARE SKUS on the salonsONline platform.

11th April - 15th April

Step 5. 

OZDARE ships consignment inventory to salonsONline. 





518 Parramatta road, Petersham NSW, 2049

Ph. 0405662556

Email Packing list to: 


13th April 

Step 6. 

salonsONline team to create marketing content for salons to use.


EDM templates 

SMS templates 

Branded social media feed & story posts. 

salonsONline to create a download porthole for OZDARE salons.

13th - 20th April 

Step 7. 

salonsONline team to complete the build of 100 OZDARE online stores.

15th - 24th April 

Step 8. 

salonsONline team send out 100 online store links with welcome pack hyperlinks to walk the salons through a successful launch of their new online store to their database and social media.

27th April 


salonsONline & OZDARE teams create a workflow for future success.

The Future is collaborative & bright....