is turning your salon ON.

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It's a new world for salons,

and ROUGE BEAUTY has stepped forward to support YOU and prepare your salon.


Your salon has just been gifted an online store by ROUGE BEAUTY on the salonsONline platform, pre-stocked with ROUGE BEAUTY Australia products!


4 simple steps to setting up your salons new online store

Step 1. 

Salon profile set up.

Set up your salon’s profile and bio in less than 60 seconds.


Step 2. 

Our team builds your store for you!


Our team will build your online store and add the pre-nominated ROUGE BEAUTY products to sell.

Step 3. 

Set up your online store STRIPE account.


A stripe account is your new online store’s payment gateway. Stripe is the world's most secure and trusted online payment gateway. This ensures you receive instant payment after every sale. Once you set up your Stripe account, you simply add it to your dashboard.

This will allow your online store to take Credit Card payments and PayPal. 


Step 4. 

Start selling!


We manage everything for you, by everything, we mean everything.

  • We set up your salon's online store for you. 

  • We load the pre-nominated ROUGE BEAUTY products Products to sell on your store. 

  • We hold your products in our warehouse.

  • We manage all the shipping of orders to your customers. 

  • You make 40% of all sales (less shipping)

  • We create all your EDM, SMS and social media content for download to use for marketing!

  • We teach you how to make your store a true success with your clients and social followers.

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Your clients...

LOVE convenience.


It is SO important your customers love their experience on your new salonsONline store, after your client has completed their first purchase, they will have instant re-order function on their dashboard. This ensures your clients stay shopping from your store.

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