Your salon's own online store.

ROGUE BEAUTY has partnered up with salonsONline to provide it's salon's network with their own online stores that come with an endless supply of ROGUE BEAUTY care products. 

ROGUE BEAUTY is leading the charge in supporting the Australian hairdressing industry through this extremely difficult time by providing an online avenue to create cash flow for salons around Australia going through these unprecedented times. 

HOW it works.

ROGUE BEAUTY pre-paid your online store for you covering the first 2 months. They are also providing endless top selling shampoos and conditioners for your clients to purchase. 

SalonsONline ships the products to your customers. 

HOW to set up your online store.


Complete the form below in under 60 seconds, leave the rest to us.

HOW you receive payment from sales.

Complete your Stripe account and add this to your dashboard to receive instant payment.

You make 40% margin less shipping for basket values greater than $50inc. Consumers will pay for shipping for orders less than $50.

YOUR goal as a salon owner. 

The most important thing to salons right now is cash flow, even with a small % of your salon's database making purchases this will help you and your team get through this. 

We have created email marketing and SMS templates for you to download and use as marketing tool. We have also created beautiful templates to share on your salon's social media channels.  

If you ever need to reach the team, you can reach us at: