Imagine what you would learn about your Salon, your team, your service delivery, retail sales strategies and the journey you take your clients on...

if you just asked.

If you're not using REAL feedback from your clients in 2019 to build your 2020 salon business plan, what ARE you using?


Our Mission

Create a safe space to connect your salon with your client's REAL feedback, providing the information you need to make significant and positive changes to your salon, business plan, and strategy. 


Powerful Intel

A powerful feedback form that generates an in-depth easy to read report. Collecting exactly what you need to gain huge insight into your salon, team and overall experience. Providing the perfect foundation to build and execute new business & training plans to improve and grow your salon's bottom line.


Why listen?

A successful business listens to it's clients and reacts. From what their journey was like through the salon, to stylist feedback, why they didn't buy retail, to how they really felt during the consultation. We uncover information that will dramatically change your next move and give you the tools to make REAL effect. 

How it works.

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Set up your salon's client experience profile.

Set up your salons online profile in under 2 minutes. 


Upload your team's images ready for your client to share their experience with them.

Clients will be able to share their full experience with their stylist and overall salon experience.

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Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 10.34.27
Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 10.35.36
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We take your profile live ready for you to share with your clients.

SMS your clients your salon experience form or share the link with clients when they leave the salon.


Your client receives their "THANK YOU" reward.

After completion of your salon's online experience profile, the clients will automatically receive their reward in their inbox. You get to choose what your client receives for taking the time to share their experience.

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Your salon & team experience report is delivered.


Our team compiles ALL your feedback into an easy to understand in-depth report.


Receive up to 3000 REAL pieces of advice & feedback from 100 of your clients, incredibly valuable information!

Your report then becomes the foundation for your 2020 business plan.


Clients get to be part of your success by providing crucial feedback to help you nail it.

Instant access to information and feedback that will alter the course of your salon for 2020.

Your report becomes key information to share with the team and set up new training that focuses on your feedback!

This level of client feedback is a world first in the salon world.

The biggest brands in the world, become what they are through one key strategy, they don't guess their next move, they ask for it. They focus heavily on customer feedback and then react to it.


We are making this possible for salons around the world so they can stop guessing their next move, and just ask. 

The ultimate tool kit for real feedback and real growth.

Take it, learn from it and grow.

only $249

One time payment

Salons online 

client experience profile & report 

A 22+ page full salon & team Whispers report receiving up to 3000+ pieces of data from 100 clients.