ONline store set up

Welcome to salons online, online store first time set up. Simply follow the 4 steps below to setting up your salon, listing the products you will be selling, customising your store with your salons images and lastly scheduling your first product pick up. 

Step 1

front 2.png

First time store set up. 

Set your salon up ready to begin adding products.

Step 2

sub 3.png

Add your online stores products.

Add the products you want to sell on your salons online store.

Step 3

fornt of store .png

Add your online stores product category images.

Time to customise your store by adding your stores category images!

Step 4



Pack up your products & schedule your pick up.

Ready for salons online to pick up your products so we can manage all your online orders? 

Click below to properly learn how to box your products and schedule your pick up.

Need assistance setting up?
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