Tiny shifts WILL equal 

LARGE shifts in time.

Turn your long term plan ON.

Dig deeper. Why we exist.


We decided to sweat the small stuff.

Over time "the small stuff" can be a loss of MASS unrecognized income from your salon. 

If you feel like digging deeper and understanding the true reasoning and power of our mission, this is the page for you.


Loss of salon retail sales to online retailers. 

  • From data gathered by salons online, over 35% of clients in Australia are buying their professional haircare online. 

  • Going by an average of 100 clients per week through a salon, that's 30 clients per week. 

  • The average client buys a shampoo + conditioner +  styling product every 8 weeks. 

  • The average size of that retail bill = $85 

  • RESULT= 30 clients per week x $85  x 52 weeks = $132,600


OUR GOAL: Bring at a minimum 20% BACK to your salon by making your salon convenient. By setting up salons with their own online stores, managing their logistics and warehousing, We are making your salon or goal is to begin bringing this figure back to the salon. 


  • On average Up to 45% of clients do not return after the 1st visit/2nd visit or 3rd visit. 

  • With the average salon looking after 130 clients per week. 

  • That is upwards of 50+ 

  • What if you could learn how to retain even 5% more clients? 

  • Retaininigeven 5% more clients per week, with an average bill of $190 = $1300 

  • RESULT= Retaining 5% more clients per week, across 52 weeks is upwards of $67,600 worth of clients and income retained.

  • This does not include the clients that this extra 5 % retained end up referring to your salon over the course of the same year. 

OUR GOAL: By setting up salon online feedback profiles, our goal is to helo salons uncover WHAT they can do to retain that 5% of clients and income to the salon. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.