Let our marketing experts take control of your salons database. 

Turn the power of your salon database ON.

How it works.


Set up your salon's email marketing goals. 

Each month, complete your salon's marketing mission goals. We have created the perfect form for you to complete that will ask you the right questions to make you think about the month ahead and what outcomes you want from your salon's email marketing. 

Update and upload your salon's database once every 3 months to ensure it's fresh with new clients.


Upload your content for our team to complete your email marketing designs.

Upload up to 4 images each month you want as part of your email campaign.

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Our team completes 2 email designs each month ready to send out to your database. 

Using your marketing goals and images uploaded, our team complete the designs of your email marketing campaigns ready to excite your database. 


We design to move.  

Upload images you want on your email and we will use that as part of our designs. 

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To: Salon Database
From: Our salon

FACT: Let's say you have 4000 clients on your salon customer email database.... 

If you convert ONLY 1% of your customers to either make an appointment or shop your store, that =  40 customers. That could be 20 cut & colour clients coming into the salon that would otherwise not have or 20 customers shopping from your online store!

Clients are ALWAYS wanting to know the promotions their fave salon is running... let's let them know a couple of times each month!

only $189/pm

Cancel anytime.


Marketing goal planning each month.

2 complete custom email marketing designs each month.


2 mass email send-outs per month to your salon's database.


Excite new & existing clients each month with exciting promotions.