About US

We are a team that hears what the industry is saying and sees the writing on the wall.


A team of developers, marketing social geeks and hairdressers. We understand the needs of all people involved: The salon, the stylists, the brands and the online consumers. 

We know what you the salon owner is up against, and we are setting out to bring retail sales back to the salon, one salon at a time! 



Why did we build salonsONLINE? 


First and foremost to become your new weapon in the online war between professional salons and online retailers.

Here is a secret you already know, but I will remind you. You have something online retailers do not have... you have the ear and the trust of the client in your chair, online retailers will never have that kind of relationship with the consumer, it’s time to use that trust and bring the sale back to your salon. 


With the launch of the online World, the professional products you sell in your salon are now pretty much obtainable on most online retailers stores, with one simple search, your customer will be on any number of stores buying the product you recommended in the salon. 


We are setting out to bring the sale back to professional hair salons, create a SAFE, CHIC & BEAUTIFUL SPACE professional brands will be confident in and love to be on, and lastly create a stunning experience for your customers to shop from.